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Detergent Powder| Best Detergent Powder Producer In Asia

Detergent Powder is an alkaline detergent used to wash clothes and was first invented with borate and silicate as the main raw material. The main ingredients of the detergent include anionic surfactants, alkyl benzene sulphanate sodium, a small amount of non-ionic surfactants and some additives, phosphate, silicate, glabrous powder, fluorescent agent, enzyme, etc. by mixing and spraying powder. are made. Most fluorite 4A is now used instead of phosphate.

Detergent Powder| Best Detergent Powder Producer In Asia

Which is better? powder or liquid detergent?

Which is better? powder or liquid detergent?Liquid detergent is a mild detergent. So when your clothes are very dirty, we recommend using washing powder because the washing powder has more cleaning power than washing liquid but if the clothes are not too dirty or not too smelly, Use washing liquid for washing.

Since the detergent power of laundry detergents is very high, so if the texture of your laundry is delicate and delicate, it is better not to use the laundry detergent because the same cleaning power over time damages the texture of sensitive clothing. Under these conditions, it is best to use a washing liquid.

What is detergent powder made of?

What is detergent powder made of?The main surfactant has the role of washing and foaming. Different surfactants can be used in detergents. But generally because of the reasonable price sulfate surfactants and their derivatives are used. Wear gloves when using dishwashing liquids because sulfonic acid has a mild corrosive and corrosive properties and can cause scarring and non-erosion by hand contact. When placed in the proper formulation, in addition to counteracting the corrosive effect, its fat-free effect on the skin is controlled.The main chemical in detergent powder formula is Texapone. Texapone is used as a common detergent in most head and body health products. It has good foaming and washability. It dissolves by stirring in water and the resulting solution is completely transparent. Texapone has a high zein count and is a natural skin irritant. It damages the structure of the two layers of fat in the skin and increases the subtle evaporation of the skin resulting in dry skin and hair.

Properties of detergent powder instead of liquid

Properties of detergent powder instead of liquid When using a detergent liquid, you do not have the problem of dissolving the detergent during washing. Because some washing powders do not dissolve well in water when used in a washing machine, and after washing, you will see white powder as a round on the clothes, which is due to the lack of proper dissolution. And the perfect powder detergent. Washing liquid is made for different types of clothes, and we see black, white and colored laundry in the market if this is not the case for washing powders.

Bulk price of detergent powder in Asia

Bulk price of detergent powder in AsiaThe Asia wholesale detergent price list is updated every few hours from detergent powder ingredients, and you can choose from the Powder and Liquid Price List to view exact update times, shop online, compare sellers prices, or track the price of powder and detergent. You can also use the detergent powder manufacturers list for a more accurate selection.

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