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Powder Laundry Detergent | Find At Factory Price In Iran

Detergent production, especially powder laundry detergent, is a good investment opportunity and plays a significant role in the fertility and prosperity of a community’s economy. The applications and uses of detergent powders(for example washing powder) are developing rapidly. The industry can be started at a very low cost and has wide and clear horizons. The machines needed to produce the detergent powder are simple and manufactured locally. All the raw materials needed, especially alkyl benzene, are easily accessible.

Powder Laundry Detergent| Find At Factory Price In Iran

Is it better to use liquid or powder laundry detergent?

Is it better to use liquid or powder laundry detergent? It is best to use liquid detergent than powder laundry detergent( even best powder laundry detergent) to wash your belongings. Among the benefits of using liquid detergents are:

  • Washing liquid is made for different types of clothes, and we see black, white and colored laundry in the market if this is not the case for washing powders.
  • When using a washing liquid, you do not have the problem of dissolving the detergent during washing. Because some washing powders do not dissolve well in the water when used in the washing machine, and after washing, you will see white powder as a round on the clothes, which is due to the lack of proper dissolution. And the perfect powder detergent.

Why liquid detergent is more expensive?

Why liquid detergent is more expensive? Among the reasons for the high cost of liquid detergent are:

  • Washing liquid is a mild detergent. When your clothes are very dirty, we recommend using a washing powder because the washing powder has more cleaning power than the washing liquid but if the clothes are not too dirty or do not smell too much, Use washing liquid for washing.
  •  Since the cleaning power of laundry powders is very high, if your clothing texture is delicate and sensitive, it is better not to use the powder for washing because the same high cleaning power over time will damage the texture of sensitive clothing. Zend. Under these conditions, it is best to use a washing liquid.
  • Children’s body is very sensitive so this should be taken into consideration when washing. Due to the high power of washing powders in washing clothes, we recommend using washing liquid to wash children’s clothes because it is a mild detergent and does not harm the skin of the baby after the wash.

Due to advances in washing machines, brands of laundry detergents have also tried to advance the technology of washing machines and bring the best laundry detergents to market.

Average income of selling laundry detergents

Average income of selling laundry detergents Generally, the average detergent income  of selling laundry detergents is the average with the highest growth. In a world that is constantly evolving, promoting health(, using hygienic detergents, proper cosmetics is one of the signs of development. As a result, detergent consumption is high in every country and has good economic growth. The use of detergent is suitable for home appliances, and the powder laundry detergent recipe for the use are written on the back of the box.

The industrialized countries of the world are trying to get enough economic benefits from the use of cosmetic products in determining the development and progress of their products and to generate more value and income for themselves by producing and exporting them.

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